manufacturing of Steel Palisade Fence, chain link fence in China, Galvanized steel, powder coated steel, Fence Height,800-1200-1800mm

After Palisade fence installation, the effect is obvious. After installing guardrail fence barrier 5 months, a total of 217 plays a minor traffic accident

PVC coated palisade fencing has a strong and durable construction providing excellent protection, produced with either a 'D' or a 'W' profile to varying specifications.

Palisade Fencing Security Galvanised Safety Boundary Fence Gates & Pales

Insulated plastic coated mesh panels is the fence mesh made of high quality steel and low carbon steel wire welded together. Then merged and dipped into melt powder to get color coating. The coated panel fence has solid structure and beautiful.

"ZhongTong Metal Steel Fences Co."

We are China manufacturer of a variety of Palisade Fence Products for exports. Major products include Angle Steel Palisade, D and W Steel Palisade Fencing, Mild Steel Picket Fence, Wrought Iron Fences, Welded Mesh Fence with Ring Tops, Aluminum Swimming Pool Fences, various security fencing panels, railings, posts & parts. Palisade fence is also used together with razor wire or barbed tape wire to form high grade safety barrier system for perimeters or residences.
For detailed technical information, please go deep clicking the links listed at this page. We can supply palisade fence and metal fencing panels in standard sizes and system. Custom orders are also accepted according to your specifications and drawings. Welcome to contact us.

Hot Palisade Fencing Products

Hot Palisade Fencing Products
Galvanized Mild Steel Palisade Fence: Two heads types, D Section Pale and W Section Pales. The palisade railings are with round or pointed (single or multi-points) fencing tops.

Carbon Steel Palisades with D Section Pales

Carbon Steel Palisades with D Section Pales
Hot Dipped Palisade Railings with W Section Head.